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Numbers Never Lie, Chloe's Secret, Flood Flash and Pheromones, Bring It On

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Just received the cover for my latest series...what do you think?
Need Me was released in June and received some wonderful reviews:
"...a beautiful tale of the emotional journey of two souls who, though on a course to collide, missed each other by a fraction."

"I loved everything about it."

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Japan! What a beautiful place!
That's me in front of one of the buddha statues near a temple. I am not buddhist but am always enthralled with learning about other cultures, history, and religious influences. Would have helped if I could read japanese!
My publisher worked a deal with Amazon for re-releases of Bring It On and Numbers Never Lie! Numbers Never Lie will be released world-wide and translated into multiple languages! Wouldn't that be awesome to see my cover with a Japanese title if I ever get to travel there again?
If you like short and sexy, there's a new novella entitled Bad Beginnings that released in March.
Text Me, my first romantic comedy in the series has received mixed reviews. To learn more about the book and access links to order click on this link:

One of my prior releases, Flood Flash and Pheromones from Soul Mate Publishing was an NTRWA 2014 Caroline Reader's Choice Finalist!

Also, my debut novel, Numbers Never Lie, was selected to be included in a Romantic Suspense Bundle from Crimson Romance.


 About Text Me...


"Shelley K. Wall’s delightful and entertaining romantic comedy is a wonderful read, with...character revelations so well done that readers will sympathize with and root for both Carter and Abby to finally get their lives and their identities with each other straight."--K. King

"I laughed my way through this book as the characters tried to sort through myriad layers of identity. Both hero and heroine have strong character arcs and I sincerely hope the secondary characters receive their own book."--LK Reads

"Wall creates characters that are full of depth, characters who have based their whole lives around incredibly heavy emotional baggage that, for the most part, they aren't even aware they are carrying around. So expect some Kleenex moments!"--Jennifer Decuir

About Flood Flash and Pheromones... 


"...a gripping tale filled with danger, murder and intrigue. Spicy romance is stirred into the mix."--Roneldo Woodson, author

" action-packed, sexy novel that will have you rooting for the heroine Cassie and not quite trusting any of the characters who invade her life along with Hurricane Amy."--Kate Collier, author

"An engaging read that sweeps the reader along with Cassie and Greg on a wet, wild rollercoaster ride of mystery and suspense."--C.D. Hersch, author



 About Chloe's Secret...

"I could not put the book down, though I tried several times...had to stay up until I finished."

"Shelley Wall does it again! This book grabbed me as much as her other ones. Shelley Wall creates a fun read with a family’s secret. One of my favorites authors!"


About Bring It On...

Sara @Harlequin Junkies Gives 4.5 stars to Bring It On: